NexMetro is one of the nation’s largest single-family rental community developers, specializing in building residences for consumers seeking a place that rents like an apartment but lives like a home. A pioneer in the space, NexMetro has over $2.4 billion in development, completed or underway, comprised of approximately 54 properties spanning locales from Arizona to Florida. We are an entrepreneurial company with a strong, passionate company culture, and we are seeking team members with a similar mindset.

NexMetro Communities is an innovative real estate developer that is revolutionizing how consumers think about housing. We are seeking a results-oriented, proactive individual to join its team as a Senior Financial Analyst.This position will work closely with the Director, Portfolio Management and Vice President of Capital Markets and Investment to vet, finance, and enhance the value of the operating Avilla assets. Duties include financial modeling, underwriting, business analytics, market analysis, forecasting, and leading multiple teams through debt/disposition transactions. The ideal candidate is a high performer with 5 years of Financial Analyst experience including 1 to 3 years of experience in real estate investment/acquisitions or lending. This position is located in Phoenix at the NexMetro HQ.

Outline of Responsibilities:

Asset Performance & Underwriting:

  • Conduct in-depth property and market research, analyzing data and trends within subject markets to determine competitive positioning relative to rents, occupancy, common and unit amenities, unit finishes, and any other property attributes.
  • Conduct monthly review and analysis of each properties financial performance to measure against a variety of market and internal benchmarks to identify threats and opportunities.

Capital Markets:

  • Construct and develop pro forma models of monthly cash flows, project budgets, capital outlay forecasts, and other financial KPIs.
  • Responsible for preparing writeups for formal presentation to the applicable committee in a form that condenses and synthesizes the opportunity to allow for informed decision making.
  • Proactively evaluate financing options to determine the most efficient financing sources available to balance the goals for both financing proceeds and ongoing property cash flow.
  • Coordinate the debt activities including, due diligence, and documentation of bridge, permanent and supplemental financings.
  • Ensure compliance with loan covenants, critical dates, testing, and reporting requirements.
  • Assist with various contract related tasks, including background research/deal analysis, document and exhibit preparation, etc. Common documents may include Lender Term Sheets, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Operating Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Development Management Agreements, acquisition/disposition Closing Documents, etc.
  • Manage project-specific due diligence tasks throughout lending, recapitalization, or disposition transactions. Including review and organization of historical documents, current operations, review of title and survey reports, market analysis, and various other feasibility studies.

Asset Planning:

  • Assist in the periodic update of the go-forward 18 to 24 month business plan for all existing assets including refinance, capital investment/redevelopment, recapitalization, and/or disposition of assets.
  • Assist in the positioning of assets for refinance or disposition.
  • Demonstrate a high level of critical thinking and ability to create solutions to various unique development challenges regularly. This includes efficiently prioritizing tasks to meet the needs and deadlines of other team members and various outside partners.
  • Various other development or asset performance related tasks or reporting as necessary to support asset and company performance.


  • Bachelor’s degree in real estate, Finance, Economics, Accounting or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as financial analyst with 1-3 years of experience in real estate, investment or lending
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial mindset
  • Outstanding organizational skills with ability to prioritize and manage multiple competing tasks.
  • Collaborative, team-oriented individual with strong sense of integrity and professionalism
  • Ability to collaborate across departments and levels to develop proactive business solutions.
  • Ability to perform tasks and achieve results independently or as a part of a team.
  • Advanced financial modeling and analytical skills including the ability to build and critique investment models containing various debt structures, waterfalls, and ownership structures
  • Superior Excel skills, with competency in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well as excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills
  • Competency in financial statement analysis, real estate valuation, accounting and finance
  • Effectiveness in reviewing own work to achieve high levels of accuracy

NexMetro’s Core Values:

Servant Leadership: Lead with humility, providing encouragement and empowering achievement.

Collaborative Spirit: Inspire individual drive, focus and performance to create a best-in-class organization.

Pursuit of Excellence: Inspire individual drive, focus and performance to create a best-in-class organization.

Do the Right Thing. Always: Act honestly, ethically, and responsibly.

The Power of Fun: Life’s too short. Make work fun.

NexMetropian Qualities:

NexMetro team members, also known as NexMetropians, form a diverse group of professionals from many walks of life with certain shared traits that create a common thread. NexMetropians are humble, understanding that our strength comes through our collective abilities and not through individual achievement. NexMetropians are hardworking team members willing to roll up our sleeves to help others regardless of our role within the organization. NexMetropians lead by example, and we do not ask things of our team members that we are not willing to do or have not done ourselves in the past. Finally, NexMetropians are a lot of fun, and we enjoy working together to build a great company and a great product for our residents.